Benedict College’s (Columbia, SC, USA) project -- Kamtok: Connecting Cameroonian and African American History, Language, and Culture Through Diaspora Literacy – involves a 13-member Curriculum Development team of K-12 educators, higher education faculty, and one technology specialist. The project focuses on language and area studies to build knowledge, develop international relationships, and collect materials to be used in the construction of curriculum for K-12 classrooms and of college courses and programs.


This project is critical not only to education in South Carolina, but to schooling across the U.S. because of direct links between Cameroonian Kamtok and language use in South Carolina as well as the larger African American community across the United States. This knowledge, while widely researched and reported on in the academic literature is woefully absent from curricula in schools, colleges, and preservice teacher education programs. In Cameroon, participants will gain firsthand knowledge to support the development of curricula.